Thursday, October 27, 2011


Conflict has a place and a purpose but it is not always constructive.  Conflict can be a stepping stone to the resolution of differing opinions but it isn't always so.  Conflict is so very rarely a positive experience that it is not worth pursuing nor is it worth engaging in unless there is some way to be asbsolutely certain that compromise or an attitude of agreeing to disagree can be established.

Few conflicts are worth the effort.  When my son and I disagree about his behaviour, that is conflict but it is worth standing my ground because my ultimate goal is to teach him to modify his behaviour so that he lives a life of integrity.   Standing up to a bully is also conflict that has value.  Arguing over a parking stall has no value and no positive outcome and is a type of conflict that has no purpose.

If you choose to attempt to engage me in conflict, I will likely just walk away from you.  I will give you fair warning that I have no interest in conflict that has no worth, value or positive net outcome but if you persist in pushing our interaction into conflict I will simply leave you to your conflict and find something else to do.

Pick your battles and if you decide to fight, then fight to win but make sure it's worth fighting for.  I have no desire for conflict for no reason.  Take that BS somewhere else; maybe there's a crazy person driving around somewhere that can trade road rage with you.  Otherwise grow up and let's find ways to get along.

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